The 7 Principles of God!!

The Seven Principles of God’s Liberty and Judeo-Christian Ethic!!                                          

In this blog we will learn 7 basic principles that liberty when applied by individuals or nation. There are teachers that identified these principles and recorded then in Teaching & Learning America’s Christian History. As a summary we will examine each of these principles. While these teachers stated them historically, we will state them in general terms since they are applicable to all areas of life.

When Our Nation’s Founding Fathers gave us documents such as the Declaration of Indepedence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and others, they had to lean upon a common understanding of law, government, social order, and morality. That understanding sprang from the common acceptance of what has come to be known as the JUDEO-CHRISTIAN Ethic, which is the system of moral and social values that originates in the Old and New Testament of the Word of God.                              

Whether each of the Founding Fathers was a Christian is not a issue, their writings, their statements, and their votes evidence that fact the majority of them embraced these great principles as the basis for a civilized nation.

The Price of Liberty:

Consistent Party Politics. This is the price of liberty for us today. Our Founders paid a higher price with their “lives, liberty and sacred honor.” Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Indepedence,  nine died in war, five died from torture, two lost their sons, and 12 lost their homes. But Thomas Jefferson said that the price of maintaining thatliberty is “eternal vigilance.”

James Monroe said:                                                                           “The establishment of our institutions forms the most important epoch that history hath recorded. To preserve and hand them down in their utmost purity to the remotest ages will require the existence and practice of the virtues and talents.”                          

The power of our republic is on the local level with “We the People.” If we are virtuous then it is a good power; if not, then it is dangerous. The trend toward secularism today is making the possibility of virtuous people and rulers even more remote. Charles Finney said the following:

“The church must take right ground in regard to politics… The time has come that Christians must vote for honestmen, and take consistent ground in politics, or the Lord will curse them. God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of a religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty. He [God] will bless or curse this nation, according to the course they, (Us) [Christians] take [in politics].”

Hopefully, you have been inspired to do many things as a result of this (article) blog. One thing of great importance is for you to fulfill your Biblical duty to choose a godly representative by getting involved in local party politics for the rest of your life. Edmund Burke once said,               “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

The 1st Principle, the Dignity of Human Life, Power, and Form.

External forms always result from an internal power. This is true for civil government, churches, homes, businesses, or associations. Both power and a form are needed for anything to function properly. The Bible speaks of certain men who hold to a form of godliness yet deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5). Those that do are dead in their faith. The internal power, or Spirit, is the, ife or energizing force and is essential for any form to work as it should; yet, a form is absolutely necessary to channel power properly.

For zn analogy revealing the need for both power and form, let’s consider a fireman fighting a fire. If he rushed to a fire with his hose (the form), but not turned on the fire hydrant and, therefore, did not have water (the power) flowing through it, the fire would rage on. Similarly, if he just went and opened the hydrant without a hose attached, he would do little, if any, good in extinguishing the flames. Both a power and form are necessary.

We not only need power and form, but we also need a balance between the two. Too much form causes all involved to dry up, while too much power causes them to “blow up.” Communism, for example, produces a form of civil government that relies almost totally on external pressure to keep everyone “in line.” The internal creativity, life and motivation of each individual is suppressed by these external constraints.

An over – emphasis on power with little form leads to anarchy and eventually bondage. Historically, this can be seen after many national revolutions, the French being an excellent example.

The Scriptures emphatically teach the great importance of the respect and preservation of human life. In the Declaration of Indepedence our nation’s Founding Fathers wrote that everyone has “unalienable right,” and that among these are “life liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We Americans not only believe this for our land, but also we send our brave military men and women are around the world to defend the rights of those who are threatened.

If people and nations do not grant ultimate respect and protection to both born and the unborn, all other professed morals and values are meaningless. The dignity of human life os not just a principle of the Bible – it is the first principle of any civilized society.

The 2nd Principle – God’s Principles The Traditional Monogamous Family

This principle is stated by Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History as follows:

“Everything in God’s universe is revelational of God’s infinity, God’s diversity, God’s individuality. God creates distinct individualities. God maintains the identity and individuality of everything which He created.”

God does not create carbon-copy molds of anything – be they humans, animals, trees, minerals, mountains, rivers, planets, or stars. Everything He creates is unique and distinct, yet there is a unity among all things for God created them all.

God’s Principles of Individuality reveals a unity with diversity for all creation. Take snowflakes for example. All snowflakes are alike in their material composition (frozen H2O) and their structure (all have 60° between their axes), yet no two snowflakes are alike in their crystal growth patterns. William Bentley, affectionately called “Snowflake” Bentley, was the first person to photograph and study snowflakes in depth. Around the turn of the century, this farmer, with his wooden box camera, photographed

A Prayer for Labor Day (and all other Days!)

This Labor Day, lets remember the power of prayer 9ver our work. Whether you have a job you love, and facing difficulties in the workplace, or are experiencing job loss, God has a plan for this season in your life. Use these prayers on Labor Day and all days to remember that God designed work to be fulfilling and to bring Him honor!

Prayer can significantly impact the work that we do and the way we see it. Yet in our day-to-day prayers, we often exclude the needs we encounter at work. For whatever reasons, our work and workplaces do not enter our minds as we pray. As a result, we may not experience the fullness of what God wants for us when we’re at work. When we start praying for our work, we recognize that God is active in all we do, “Spiritual” lives. And this is transformative. Yet prayer doesn’t change God’s heart toward our work as mush as it changes ours. And we begin to see it, we experience the power of prayer and of God’s grace.

Use these prayers on Labor Day and all days to remember God designed work to be fulfilling and to bring Him honor:


Lord, I first want to say thank you for this day of rest. Help me to turn off distractions and find true sabbath tbrougb my relationship with you. Show me how to live that is focused on your purpose in my work and in my rest.

A Prayer for a God-Honoring Work Life!!

Father, I co e to you thankful that you have made work a part of my life and given me the opportunity to glorify you in my work. Thank you that I can work hard and go to bed tired each day. Thank you for the good days and the difficult ones, and for the gifts you have given me to help this world be a better place through my work.

While I know work is good, I also know our work today isn’t what you intended and is often hard and frustrating. We all know sin’s consequences on work; toilsome labor, injustice, and trails; and also the painof wanting work but not finding it. May these painful situations drive me to a deeper longing for the return of Christ and consummation of all things – including work.

May the gospel shape my work habits and attitude, help me to avoid the dual dangers of not working enough (laziness) and working too much (making work an idol). Help me to bea humble, teachable, hardworking, and complaint-free employee, even when doinvthe mundans tasks I’d rather avoid. May I work in faith and be motivated by a love for you and a love for those whom my work benefits.

A Prayer for Spirit-Led Work:

Establish the work of my hands by helping me to be productive, patient, focused, and insightful. May your Spirit lead me in my work and help me fo be joyful, creative, and worshipful-constantly reminding me of your love and that you’re the reason I have breathe in my lungs. Teach me to align my work, family, church life, and rest in a way that would maximize your glory and allow me to bear the most fruit for your Kingdom.

Cause my work and attitude to adorn the gospel and shine the light of Christ into this dark and desperate world.

God’s INTRODUCTION in to American History!

In American History we examine the history of America from a Christian perspective. Since God is the AUTHOR of history and He is carrying out His plan in the earth through history, any view of the history of America, or any country, that ignores God is not true history. He is Sovereign over His creation and “His Story” in the earth, and is at work in significant, and seemingly insignificant, events to accomplish His purposes for mankind. This is a providential view of history and was held by the vast majority of those people who founded this nation.

While we do not look at the events in America’s birth and growth, we do highlight the Providence and purposes of God, and the faith of our founders. Understanding this will provide a proper framework in which other historical information can be properly placed.

We begin the history of America with Creation, and Adam and Eve, because if one does not understand God’s plan and purpose for man from the beginning, he will not be able to understand how America fits into His overall plan. The history of America, or any country, cannot be studied as an isolated event.

I have designed my book to be easily studied and digested, yet we have included many excerpts from original sources to introduce modern Americans to the ideas, character, and literacy level of early Americans. Colonial Americans were educated far better by the home, church, and private sector than our youth today are by modern state schools, and at a fraction of the cost.

I have learned from America’s Providential History has tought me more than historical Christian facts. We need to teach the new generation the Biblical principles of education, law, government, and economics, the Christian idea of man and government, the Chain of  Liberty moving westward  — in short a Biblical world view — are imparted through this book. While all of founders were not Christians (though a great majority were,) almost every one has a Biblical Biblical world-view, even the non-Christians.

Most of our founders were Christians, but this does not mean they were without fault. Providential history does not mean “sinless” or “sugarcoated” history. Like the Bible, it introduces people God has used for His purposes,  even though they had shortcomings and sins not to be emulated. God is glorified even more when we see fallible, finite men used by Him. Since most modern secular texts tend to provide plenty of criticism of America’s leader (much of which is unfounded), our text has chosen to provide what you cannot find there in order to provide a balance. America’s early leaders did sin, like all men, but their heart was to obey God. Today most of our leaders have a much different heart and mind.

Most Americans today, including most Christians, have a humanistic (man – centered) world-view. This is one great difference in early and present-day America and is a primary reason why our nation is experiencing great problems. Ideas have consequences. The internal beliefs and ideas of a people are expressed in their external actions. Today, we are experiencing the fruit of sectarianism. To see Godly change occur in America we must renew our minds to view the world from God’s perspective as revealed in the Bible — we must infuse the Faith of our Fathers into the life of our country.

In other words, we as Christians must learn what it means to disciples a nation. The study of America’s history provides the best example of this, because colonial Christians discipled their nation. Part of the goal of the Providence Foundation, and our vision as its directors, is to accomplish this task. There will many books and study resources and information at the end of this article. Christians are not only working to help God’s nation from a Biblical perspective to make disciples of all the world.

Providence is a word that signifies the Bible doctrine of the overruling power of God that governs in the affairs of men. The foundation is working to establish such an understanding in the hearts and minds of all humankind. Providence Foundation urge Pastors, Christian leaders, Christian schools, and home schoolers to use this text for regular class to help disciples people in a Biblical world-view.

The people of this free nation should have a foundation that will support liberty, for without it, that nation will surely fall. The great nineteenth century statesman and politician Daniel Webster declared:

“If we and our posterity shall be true to the Christian religion, if we and they shall live always in the fear of God and shall respect His Commandments,

The Fool’s Dozen!

To truly understand prosperity, you have to realize that there are two different types of prosperity. There is the kind that springs from the Word and there is the kind people from the world.

Psalms 73:12 speaks of the type. It says, “Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches.”

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of “prosperity” most of us are familiar with. All our lives we’ve seen people lie, cheat, and steal their way to wealth. So much so, in fact, that many people have the mistaken idea that riches themselves belong to the devil. Money is viewed as contaminated, as part of Satan’s domain. So, we’ve just backed off and let him have it.

How wrong we’ve been! According to the Bible, the silver and gold of this Earth belong to the to the Lord (Haggai 2:8), not to the devil. And the Lord wants it in the hands of His children.

Proverbs 13:22 says, “The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” The problem is, we’ve let the sinners have it for so long that we’ve forgotten who it really belongs to! What’s more, as we’ve seen how many problems that kind of wealth carries with it, we’ve begun to wonder if we really want it at all.